Saturday, September 15, 2012

I'm baaaack!

So I'm back after over a year of not posting and not really trading at all. I've been working not able to pay much attention to stocks. Well, now I had a baby and I'm on maternity leave. I put about $900 aside to trade with while I'm on leave.

I actually forgot about the blog until my mom said she googled my name and Penny Stock Sucker Punch showed up, so I don't have any screenshots of the amount I started with.

The 1st trade I made was on 8/22/12. I bought NEOM at $.0103, 50,000 shares = $524.58.
I sold NEOM same day at $.0139 for $684.50. $159.92 profit........... not bad. I don't remember why I bough this, but it didn't take long for me to see that it wasn't going anywhere.

On 8/27/12 I bought  ADHC @ .004, 175,000 shares for $710.50. I haven't sold this yet, but I plan to next week. There's supposedly a PR campaign that's going to be happening.

On 8/31/12 I bought CLNP @ .002, 245,000 shares for $499.45. I sold all 245,000 shares at .0031 for $748.68....249.23 profit. I sold way too soon on this, I know. I just didn't feel like holding onto it anymore. I wanted to buy something else.If there's another dip, I'll probably buy more. Even if there's no dip, I still may buy. It's probably going to make a big move next week though.

Unfortunately, I bought TDEY at .0016, 275,000 shares. I like the stock, but I should have waited to buy. It was due for a correction and I bought in higher than I should have. I still think I can at least break even on this.

Lastly, I bought GYST at .0091, 80,000 shares for $738.64. I'm holding this until further notice.Can't wait to see what kind of action it gets next week.

The main thing I have to remember is that I don't always have to wait and hold out in high hopes of a soaring PPS. I just need a consistent profit which I think is very well doable. My 1st goal is to reach $10k.

Right now this is what I'm working with.

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