Saturday, July 16, 2011

Reading Volume.....

I didn't realize how important reading volume on a chart was. Today I watched a few videos and looked at some charts explaining the correlation between volume and PPS increases and decreases.... Good stuff.


  1. Small-cap stocks were the winners last year, advancing 25.28%, which was not a big surprise, as small companies generally perform better as the economy recovers from a recession.
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  2. If a PPS rate was initially established using a consolidated reporting basis, then the scope application should be completed in a manner consistent with that basis. If your clinic’s PPS rate was calculated using the costs and visits of multiple clinic sites, and only one clinic has had a scope change, then the scope-of-service rate change request should include the cost and visit data for all those clinics included in the original PPS rate calculation. If one or more of the original clinics no longer exist (i.e., clinics have closed), then the remaining clinics should be included in the scope of service change calculation.
    Change in scope-of-service rate requests for any new clinics added after the computation of the original consolidated PPS rate must be applied for on an individual clinic basis consistent with the calculation of the individual clinics PPS rate.
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